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The basics of rabies

If you or a loved one have been bitten by an animal in Illinois, one of your first concerns is likely whether or not you have been exposed to rabies. While the name of this disease is well-known, the symptoms are not always as clear. We at the Law Office of Kerley and Associates are here not only to represent your rights, but also to educate you on the signs and symptoms of rabies so that you can be prepared if you are bitten by an animal.


Motor vehicle accidents may cause hidden injuries

Driving anywhere seems to be more dangerous each year. Even the improved technology and regulated safety features included in most cars do not always protect you from injury. If your accident involves a larger vehicle, like a tractor-trailer, you may sustain catastrophic injuries.

On the other hand, victims of motor vehicle accidents may walk away from a crash with barely a scratch only to later experience symptoms of a devastating internal injury that was not evident at the crash scene. If you were recently the victim of an accident, you may be dealing with the consequences long after the incident.

What are common causes of truck accidents?

Illinois drivers often have to share the roads with large truck drivers. This can make some nervous, especially if you're afraid of getting into an accident with one. At the law office of Kerley & Associates, we can provide information about trucking accidents such as the most common causes so you know potential signs to be on the lookout for.

Primarily, truck accidents can be caused by issues with the machinery itself, or problems with the driver. Drivers may load a vehicle improperly, which can increase chances of the truck rolling in turns. Driver fatigue is also an enormous issue. Unfortunately, drivers may be encouraged to go against the regulations requiring breaks in order to make certain deadlines, and this can have deadly consequences. The company can also make mistakes like hiring unqualified drivers, or encouraging drivers to take fewer breaks.

What unforeseen divorce hurdles may await you?

As a Springfield couple who has decided to go through with a divorce, you may think you've covered everything you need to know to be prepared for the financial, emotional and mental hardships that a divorce can bring on. At the law office of Kerley & Associates, we can provide you information on lesser known divorce hurdles as well, allowing for a truly rounded understanding of the difficulties you might face.

During divorce proceedings, it is not uncommon for tempers to run high. Arguments and fights may have already been common before you decided on divorce, and they may worsen even after you have come to the decision. This is something you need to be prepared for. Unfortunately, it's also not uncommon for fights to escalate to the point of physical violence in some cases. If this occurs and you feel threatened within your own home, you may need to look into the possibility of filing for a protection order to keep yourself safe.

Is texting while driving really dangerous?

It's a question many Illinois drivers have likely asked themselves. Is texting while driving as harmful as it seems? After all, plenty of people check their messages at lights or scroll through their playlists for music to listen to while driving, right?

This may be so, but that doesn't eliminate the very real dangers of texting while driving. Digital Responsibility details the many risks that come with driving and texting at the same time, and they're numerous. If you text while driving, you increase your chances of getting into a crash by a phenomenal 23 times. This is a particularly strong danger for teens, who are over four times more likely to have a near-miss or accident because of phones than their older driving counterparts.

What you need to know about animal bite infections

Being bitten by an animal in Illinois can be painful, but often the worst consequences come later. Animal bite infections can result in a serious or even deadly condition. We at The Law Offices of Kerley and Associates work to protect clients from the physical, emotional and financial damages that this type of injury can cause.


Recent study gives drowsy drivers a wake-up call

If you are like most people, you don't get enough sleep. You may survive at work on coffee and struggle to stay awake on your commute home. In fact, some studies show that more than one third of all drivers in the country don't get the recommended seven hours of sleep to stay healthy and alert.

This statistic may never have concerned you until a drowsy driver collided with you on the highway. Now you are dealing with the pain, suffering and inconvenience that typically follow a traffic accident.

Illinois overhauls divorce laws

Legislation approved last year has brought changes to the rules governing divorce in Illinois. According to the Chicago Tribune, these are the first major changes to divorce laws since 1977, and they are sweeping changes that cover not only grounds for filing but also parenting time and child support payments. The new law also uses the term “spouse” so it is clear that all marriages are covered the same under the law.

These changes move Illinois citizens from needs specific grounds to file for divorce, such as adultery, into a no-fault state. Spouses no longer need to prove one another guilty of blame to end the marriage. The separation period when a divorce is not agreed to by both parties is now shortened to six months.

What are the most common driver distractions?

When driving in Illinois, there are plenty of distractions vying to take your attention off of the road. Some distractions can be easily avoided, while others may take you by surprise and be impossible to predict. Good driving hinges on how well you can anticipate potential distractions, how you react to them, and how you prevent distractions within your control.

Step one is knowing where the common distractions are. When it comes to driving distractions, Psychology Today has provided a list of the most common distractions for teens. However, many of these distractions apply to older drivers as well. Examples include cell phone usage, which is actually at the top of the list for many. Whether it's texting, checking social media, or making phone calls, these small devices contribute to a huge number of accidents.

What is considered distracted driving for truck drivers?


Distracted driving has gained a lot of publicity recently as a major cause in accidents involving passenger vehicles in Illinois, but authorities are also cracking down on drivers of commercial vehicles and working to prevent truck accidents due to cell phones. Here is what the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has to say about what you should consider distracted driving for truck drivers.

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