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The importance of seeing a doctor after being bitten

Illinois residents who have suffered from a dog attack know that the bites can be deep, painful, and disfiguring. Even the smaller bites carry a risk of infection, and not caring for a bite injury properly can mean a longer recovery period and a bite wound that will heal less seamlessly.

Injured by a driver with little to no insurance? You have options

A car accident can wreak havoc on an individual in numerous ways. If you were involved in a collision that caused you to suffer serious injuries, you are likely facing various emotional and/or financial challenges following such a disastrous event. Perhaps you find yourself in need of financial assistance to overcome your current predicament, and you may be wondering what options are available.

Co-parent for your kids' sake

Getting divorced is not generally something most Illinois residents actually want to do even if they believe it is ultimately for the better. When minor children are involved, the reluctance to break up a family can be even greater. Parents understandably worry about the emotional health of their children as well as how they as parents can work effectively with their former spouses to raise their children together. Co-parenting may not be easy but it can be done in such a way that helps parents and kids alike.

Should you report an attack to animal control?

There are plenty of dog owners in Illinois. That means that there are also plenty of opportunities for you to accidentally be bitten by someone's dog. You may be considering not reporting an attack to animal control because it seems like too much hassle, or because the bite is small, but we at the Law Office of Kerley & Associates would like to provide you with reasons why you shouldn't skip out on this vital reporting.

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