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The texting driver next to you hit your car: Now, what?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2017 | blog

Just driving to the grocery store or picking up your children from school may feel like you’re laying your life on the line because traffic gets so chaotic and drivers so reckless, when all you’re trying to do is get from point A to point B, safely. You already understand that you can’t control the actions of every single Illinois driver that crosses your path; however, you shouldn’t have to fear for your life (nor your children’s) every time you drive.

When you least expect it, a vehicle may appear to come out of nowhere and collide with your car. If you later learn that the driver of the other car was drunk or texting at the time of the accident, you may understandably feel upset and frustrated, knowing your injuries could have most likely been avoided had the other motorist acted more responsibly behind the wheel.

Do you have an aftermath plan prepared?

Hopefully, before you were involved in a motor vehicle crash, you spent some time thinking about what you would do if ever you were to become injured because of another motorist’s negligence. The following list includes practical tips for actions to take following a car accident:

  • If you are able, the highest priority following a collision is to get yourself and your passengers to safety. If your injuries do not prevent you from moving, and are you able to check yourself, as well as those who were traveling with you when the crash occurred, then do so.
  • If first responders are not already at the scene, dial 911 if you can or ask someone nearby to call for you.
  • Try to document as much as you can at the scene. Have someone take pictures, get pertinent information in writing such as the other driver’s information and note any details that you may need later, such as exactly what was happening when the collision occurred, etc.
  • Of course, medical treatment is crucial no matter how minor or severe your injuries are. It is never a good idea to avoid medical treatment following a car accident.
  • You should make your insurance company aware of your accident as soon as possible.
  • You may also want to discuss the situation with an experienced personal injury lawyer, especially if officials deemed the other driver at fault.

Hopefully, with swift and appropriate medical care, you will achieve full physical recovery from your injuries. Getting there may prove easier said than done, however. Recuperation following a severe car accident can be quite challenging; if you have to take time off work due to your condition, you may also face financial difficulties during your healing process. You should not have to struggle to make ends meet because someone else was negligent while driving.

You can pursue compensation

Many Illinois accident victims obtain justice by filing personal claims against the party or parties responsible for their injuries. It can be a means to recover economic losses as well, because compensation in a successfully litigated case may pay for medical bills and put food on the table during your hiatus from the workplace.