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When is it time to file for divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2018 | blog

You talk it out. You fight it out. You may even go to therapy. However, there comes a moment when you realize nothing is working, and you wonder if your marriage is over. Making the decision to divorce is seldom easy. There is always the chance that you can recover and things will improve. After all, you may have fond memories of your early years together, and you may wonder how you got so far away from the couple you were back then.

So, how do you know when it’s time to throw in the towel and give each other a chance at happiness? Some marriage experts believe there may be definite signs that a marriage cannot be salvaged.

Is it over?

If you think back, there were likely moments when the sight of your spouse made your heart flutter. Those moments have passed, and, in fact, your spouse may have quite a different effect on you now. Divorce counselors believe that the stress of a rocky marriage can have a negative physical effect on a person, so if you feel nauseous or physically ill around your spouse, you may want to consider the pressure the marriage is placing on your body.

Other common signals of an impending divorce include the following:

  • Repeated unfaithfulness
  • Open lack of respect for one another
  • Addiction
  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Lack of encouragement or support for your interests and efforts
  • No interest in making plans together

Making plans for the future is an important and exciting element of a relationship. However, if you and your spouse don’t talk about what you want to accomplish together, including raising children, it may be because you no longer see yourselves having a future together.

Show me the money

Finances are a common theme when it comes to disputes between spouses in Illinois and across the country. If you and your spouse are struggling because you can’t come to an agreement on making, spending or saving money, there are ways to overcome this conflict. However, if this is an issue that has dogged your marriage for years or decades, you may be confident there is no resolution.

Seeking a divorce, especially when financial infidelity or irresponsibility is involved, can be a delicate matter. A crucial element of divorce is ensuring that you have adequate means to maintain an appropriate standard of living. If you have had difficulty communicating with your spouse about finances, seeking legal advice for your divorce may be a wise decision.