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February 2018 Archives

Tips for preventing dog bites

A friend drops by for a visit, and when she cannot get an answer at the front door, she heads to the back. What she does not know is the family Labrador retriever has been soaking up the sun on the deck, and she startles him. Illinois dog owners understand startled dogs sometimes attack the people who surprise them, so it would not be shocking to find out the retriever bit the friend who unintentionally snuck up on him.

What does Illinois’ new divorce law have to say about pets?

If you are an Illinois resident who loves your dog or cat almost as much as you love your children, you will be glad to know that should your marriage ultimately end in divorce, which of you gets custody of your pet(s) can, in fact, be made just as much of an issue as who gets custody of your kids if you and your spouse fail to agree on these issues. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, a new law went into effect in Illinois on January 1 that allows a family law judge to take the well-being of your pets into consideration just like he or she will take the best interests of your children into consideration.

How can another person's cellphone addiction harm you?

Having a cellphone has brought a considerable amount of convenience to numerous people's lives. You may have a cellphone — or multiple phones if your place of employment also provided one — and you may use it often for a variety of tasks. If you need any type of information at a moment's notice, you can likely bring up an app on your phone and find the answer in just a few taps of the screen.

How to minimize the dangers of driving in fog

Some road hazards, such as black ice, make the surface of the road itself harder for motorists to drive on. In other cases, however, the street is perfectly fine, but with a dense fog in front of your windshield, you find it harder to see while driving on an Illinois road. A heavy fog can obscure approaching vehicles and land obstacles and increase the danger of a car accident. Still, there are ways motorists can decrease the dangers of getting into a fog-related auto accident.

Fatal dog attacks lands babysitters in prison

With so many people in Springfield relying on their dogs to provide them with love and companionship, it may be difficult to believe such creatures are capable of harm. Yet dogs have proven themselves to be dangerous attackers when involved in altercations with people. Some may think that the extent of the injuries such animals can inflict is limited to minor cuts and abrasions on a victim's extremities. Yet depending on the size of the dog (as well as that of the victim of its attack), fatal results of dog attacks are not out of the question. 

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