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How to spot an aggressive driver

As you navigate the roadways, you may be used to sharing the road with many different drivers. Not only is it important that you drive safely, but you must remain on the lookout for other motorists who may be driving in a hazardous manner. Aggressive drivers are not uncommon, as people may get angry while rushing to get to an important meeting or appointment. It is crucial that you are able to spot the signs of an aggressive driver so that you can minimize your chances of becoming the victim of a catastrophic car accident.

What you should know about separate property

Filing for divorce and going through the tedious process can be overwhelming. Not only are you dealing with the emotions involved with separating from your spouse, but you must also divide all of the property that was accumulated during your marriage. It can be difficult to make these important decisions while dealing with these emotions. Yet it is important to understand that you may not have to part with all of your earnings and possessions. You may keep items classified as separate property, as these types of property and not eligible for division in a divorce.

Car accident attributed to “Bird Box” challenge

One of the most common activities people, especially youth, participate in these days is an online viral challenge – specifically, an activity that social media users find entertaining, daring or outrageous. In the past, people have seen such challenges as the ice water challenge, which served the purpose of raising awareness for ALS, and the Tide Pod and cinnamon challenges, which seemed to have no purpose other than being funny to those who participated or watched – although both challenges were responsible for numerous injuries. Illinois residents may want to be cautious, however, as some of the dangerous actions associated with viral challenges can harm themselves or others.

Don't ignore symptoms that arise after a car accident

No matter how cautious and alert of a driver you are, you never can tell if a negligent or reckless motorist is going to interrupt your travel plans and turn an otherwise uneventful trip into a tragedy. You can adhere to every Illinois traffic law in the books; however, all it takes is one other driver to send a text behind the wheel or consume alcohol before driving to damage your vehicle and your health.

Can a parrot bite be serious?

We Americans love our pets. However, as explained numerous times in this post, dog and even cat bites can cause significant injuries and illnesses. Dogs and cats are not responsible for all harmful animal attacks, though. Numerous varieties of birds of all sizes are also popular pets in Illinois and elsewhere – and you may not have considered that some can deliver serious bites.

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