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Don't let a bark turn into a bite re pet custody in divorce

You may be among many others in Illinois whose dog is a beloved member of your family. After all, your relationship began when your dog was a mere eight-week-old puppy and has continued for more than a decade. Bringing your puppy home together may be a cherished memory you have with your spouse. However, now that you've decided to divorce, discussions about your pet have grown quite contentious, namely, which one of you will have custody?

The texting driver next to you hit your car: Now, what?

Just driving to the grocery store or picking up your children from school may feel like you're laying your life on the line because traffic gets so chaotic and drivers so reckless, when all you're trying to do is get from point A to point B, safely. You already understand that you can't control the actions of every single Illinois driver that crosses your path; however, you shouldn't have to fear for your life (nor your children's) every time you drive.

Did your evening stroll land you or your child in the hospital?

Illinois pedestrians are always at risk for injury. However, you and your loved ones should be able to enjoy an evening walk together without worrying that a reckless motorist is going to cause you harm. Perhaps you love to take your toddler to the local park after supper and prefer to get some foot exercise to get there rather than take your car.

Your best efforts may not protect you from a motorcycle accident

Is it the thrill? The freedom? Maybe you just know how cool it looks to ride a motorcycle. Or maybe you ride because it saves you money on gas. Whatever the reason, it probably didn't take you long to discover that operating a motorcycle can be dangerous, and that you need to take every precaution because not many other drivers are looking out for your safety.

Motor vehicle accidents may cause hidden injuries

Driving anywhere seems to be more dangerous each year. Even the improved technology and regulated safety features included in most cars do not always protect you from injury. If your accident involves a larger vehicle, like a tractor-trailer, you may sustain catastrophic injuries.

Recent study gives drowsy drivers a wake-up call

If you are like most people, you don't get enough sleep. You may survive at work on coffee and struggle to stay awake on your commute home. In fact, some studies show that more than one third of all drivers in the country don't get the recommended seven hours of sleep to stay healthy and alert.

Injured by a driver with little to no insurance? You have options

A car accident can wreak havoc on an individual in numerous ways. If you were involved in a collision that caused you to suffer serious injuries, you are likely facing various emotional and/or financial challenges following such a disastrous event. Perhaps you find yourself in need of financial assistance to overcome your current predicament, and you may be wondering what options are available.

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