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DUI and Traffic Ticket Defense

Meta: Attorney Scott Kains is a former prosecutor and he can help manage your DUI allegations. Call Kerley and Talken PC’s Springfield offices for the help you need.

Manage DUI And Traffic Violations

Contrary to some of the most popular impaired driving myths, coffee, exercise and a shower will not improve your sobriety. They will not reduce your blood alcohol content or improve your ability to drive. If you are impaired and try to drive, there could be lifelong consequences.

There are almost 30,000 Illinois DUI arrests most years. The Illinois Secretary of State’s office reports that about 90 percent of those arrested for DUI lost their driving privileges. Over 85 percent of those arrested for DUI are for first-time offenses. If you or a family member needs assistance for impaired driving or a traffic violation, call our DUI and traffic ticket defense attorney at Kerley & Talken PC.

Do Not Challenge Your Charges Without Legal Counsel

All levels of traffic violations carry consequences. Illinois has a point system. Depending on the number of tickets on your record and the details of your violations, you could face a suspended driver’s license, large fines, vehicle impoundment and jail time.

Our lawyer, Scott Kains is a former prosecutor for the State’s Attorney’s Office in Sangamon County. Having a former prosecutor working for you can be invaluable. He understands how a prosecutor will approach your case. That includes everything from negotiations to trial strategies.

Depending on the circumstances and details of your case, he might be able to get charges reduced. He will work to get you the best outcome possible. In some cases, he might even be able get cases dismissed.

The Cost Of A DUI Goes Beyond Your Driver’s License

According to the Illinois “2020 DUI Fact Book,” compiled the Secretary of State’s office, even a low-level DUI conviction could cost you over $18,000.

That includes cost of:

· Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices

· Court

· Driver’s license reinstatement

· Insurance

· Legal fees

· Lost income

· Substance abuse classes

DUI And Traffic Violations Could Impact Your Life

It is in your best interest to tackle DUI and traffic violations immediately. There might be details in your case that attorney Kains can use to lessen the impact of the charges. The office may not have had a reason to pull you over. Maybe the tests were not conducted legally.

Your best defense is to call us and attorney Kains to help manage your traffic or DUI violations. Call our Springfield office at 217-814-0148 or email us.

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