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Protecting Your Interests In Divorce

Divorce is always a painful experience. However, a skilled and compassionate attorney can help you emerge from it with your emotions and finances as intact as possible.

At the Kerley & Talken PC, our lawyers will guide you through the steps of divorce and explain what you are entitled to have under Illinois law. Knowing what to expect can help you make good decisions at a time when good decision-making can make a big difference in your life going forward. From our law office in Springfield, we represent men and women in central Illinois.

Are You Prepared For Divorce?

Not everyone is, especially for the financial issues, ahead. Separating your financial life from that of your spouse can be complex. You may assume that the other side will play nice, but that does not always happen. It’s not unusual for spouses to hide assets, to waste marital assets and to run up debts on joint credit cards.

Divorce is something that needs to be planned for. For this reason, it’s important to seek legal advice as soon as possible — before you or your spouse files for divorce, if possible.

Dealing With Issues Of Domestic Violence

Emotions can run high during divorce. If police are called to your home as the result of a domestic disturbance, that can affect both of your lives.

If you are a victim of abuse, you can obtain a protection order against your spouse. If your spouse violates the order, he or she can be arrested and jailed.

If you are accused of abuse, it’s important to have a lawyer advise you. A protection order can affect your life now and in the future. You could end up with criminal record that affects your employment and other areas of your life. Sadly, some spouses accuse their partners of abuse as a way of kicking them out of the house and getting the upper hand in a divorce proceeding.

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For More Information About Divorce

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