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Compensating The Victims Of Dog Bites

Dog bites can cause serious injuries, especially when a child is bitten. Following a dog bite, it’s important to seek both medical treatment and legal advice.

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Dog Owner Liability

In Illinois, dog owners are responsible for injuries caused by their pets, as long as the victim was not on their property unlawfully. Other property owners may also be responsible, such as landlords who allow a renter to keep an animal with known aggressive tendencies.

After a dog bite, it’s important to report the attack to animal control. This is important for three reasons:

  • To determine who owns the animal
  • To learn the dog’s vaccination history
  • To identify animals with aggressive tendencies

The victim of an animal attack should always seek medical treatment. Even a minor bite wound can result in a serious infection if not treated.

Compensating Dog Bite Victims

You have the right to seek compensation for economic and noneconomic losses from an animal attack. Examples of compensation include:

  • Past and future medical treatment
  • Cosmetic surgery to minimize scarring
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Counseling to overcome fear of dog attacks

Sometimes people are bitten by the dog of a friend or family member. Even in these cases, the victim is entitled to seek compensation. Damages are typically covered by homeowners or renters insurance.

For More Information About Dog Bite Injuries

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