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Motor vehicle accidents may cause hidden injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2017 | blog

Driving anywhere seems to be more dangerous each year. Even the improved technology and regulated safety features included in most cars do not always protect you from injury. If your accident involves a larger vehicle, like a tractor-trailer, you may sustain catastrophic injuries.

On the other hand, victims of motor vehicle accidents may walk away from a crash with barely a scratch only to later experience symptoms of a devastating internal injury that was not evident at the crash scene. If you were recently the victim of an accident, you may be dealing with the consequences long after the incident.

Delayed symptoms

Even in a minor accident, you may suffer trauma. When two vehicles collide, the impact often jerks the body in unnatural ways, potentially causing serious injuries. Sometimes these symptoms don’t manifest for hours or even days after the accident. For example, you may feel any of the following:

  • Backache: You may be especially susceptible to low back injury if your accident was a rear-end or side impact collision.
  • Whiplash: You may feel pain or stiffness in your neck and shoulders or numbness in your hands, which might indicate a serious spinal injury.
  • Pain or swelling in your abdomen: Internal injuries may not be evident at first, so be aware of any discoloration or dizziness accompanying your pain.
  • Headache: This could be a sign of a neck injury or concussion.

If you experience difficulty thinking, remembering or moving, or if you begin having trouble with your hearing or vision, you may be experiencing symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. Doctors urge accident victims to seek immediate medical attention if any unusual symptoms arise within the first few days after an accident.

Help for dealing with insurance companies

Did emergency medical personnel transport you to an Illinois hospital for emergency procedures or treat you at the scene? In either case, medical experts probably encouraged you to seek further advice for your injuries. Even if your injuries were not severe, you may still be dealing with expenses related to your accident, including medical tests and follow-up exams.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to depend on the insurance company giving you a fair settlement, especially if symptoms of your injuries don’t appear until sometime after the accident. Discussing your situation with an attorney will improve your chances of getting fair treatment and potentially obtaining compensation for your suffering.