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Reasons to modify child support

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2024 | family law

When a couple gets divorced, a child support order may be passed down from the court. The court will consider many things, such as the income differences between the parents and the needs of the child. This support order then has to be followed and monthly payments will be made.

There are some situations in which a child support order can be modified. It’s important for parents who are making payments to know that they should never stop paying or change the amount that they pay on their own. They always need to go to court and have a modification done first. So what are some reasons why this may be allowed?

Income changes

First of all, either an increase or a decrease in income could play a role. For instance, you may have been ordered to pay $1,000 per month, but you recently lost your job and had to take a part-time position that pays half as much. $1000 a month was affordable at the time of the divorce, but it no longer is.

Changes to the child’s needs

In some cases, it will become apparent that the child needs more support. Maybe they have a disability or educational developmental delays. The amount of money required to care for the child can simply change as they grow older and their situation changes.

Cost-of-living changes

Finally, some child support orders contain a cost of living adjustment clause. This acknowledges that the cost of living in a certain area can change significantly and that support needs may also change. This can be complicated, but you may be able to seek a modification if there has been a significant change in the cost of living that you and your child face.

If you are seeking a modification for one of these reasons or any other, just make sure you know what legal steps to take.