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What are the emotional effects of a dog bite?

Few things can be as terrifying for you and other Illinois residents as a sudden dog bite. Whether you or a loved one was nipped by a startled family pet or viciously attacked by an aggressive dog, the physical scars can be significant and long-lasting. The emotional ramifications of a dog attack are often just as serious.

After you have recovered from a dog bite, you may still deal with scarring for some time. A scar might fade after a few months, but many serious scars are permanent. A bad scar on your face, arms or another visible part of your body could have a negative emotional impact. Top Health Today explains that in a study, 40 percent of women said their physical scars made them self-conscious of how they looked and felt about themselves. You can assume that scarring would also be difficult for men and children to deal with emotionally. Your scars may make you feel embarrassed to go out or annoyed at having to explain the incident to curious people.

Fight for the full amount of damages you deserve

After an Illinois car accident, you could find yourself dealing with various financial losses and expenses. An accident can lead to difficulties well into the future, but you may not have to carry this burden alone. If your accident was the result of the negligent or reckless actions of another person, you could have grounds to seek financial compensation through a civil claim.

A personal injury claim may be an appropriate way for you to recover some of your losses associated with your accident. It is smart to seek help regarding your potential claim in order to ensure that you are able to secure the full amount of compensation available to you. You will find it helpful to have a full understanding of the types of damages you can seek.

Why big trucks jackknife

At the Law Office of Kerley & Associates, we know how impatient you usually feel when you get stuck behind a line of 18-wheelers on one of Illinois’ roads or highways. If traffic is so heavy that you cannot quickly pass the trucks one by one, your frustration increases and you may attempt to pass several at once when you get a chance to do so, such as on a downhill grade with no oncoming vehicles. This can be a dangerous decision, however, because as Evan Transportation explains, the possibility of a jackknife increases substantially when a truck goes downhill or when it goes around a curve or turn in the road.

When a big truck jackknifes, its trailer folds in on its cab much the same way as your pocket knife closes. The angle between the trailer and cab becomes ever more acute and finally the trailer crashes into the cab. If such a catastrophic accident happens right in front of you, or right beside you, you face serious injury or even death in the resulting crash.

What is the acceptance of benefits doctrine?

If you and your spouse are getting an Illinois divorce, you likely never heard of the acceptance of benefits doctrine. As you come to a property settlement agreement, however, you should familiarize yourself with this doctrine because it could impact your ability to modify your property division in the future.

The Texas Supreme Court heard Kramer v. Kastleman in 2017, a case in which the acceptance of benefits doctrine came into play. This is the legal doctrine stating that you cannot accept the benefits of a court judgment and then later challenge that judgment without showing special circumstances.

What are the most common causes of truck accidents?

If you are an Illinois motorist, you may be used to sharing the road with large tractor trailers. These giant vehicles can be extremely dangerous, causing serious tractor trailer accidents, injuries and even death. Americans need tractor trailers to deliver important goods throughout the nation. However, it is important to understand the common causes of truck accidents so that you may be able to prevent them from occurring.

Bad weather conditions are one major cause of truck accidents. Rain, snow, ice, fog and wind can cause a large truck to tip over, slide, jackknife or hydroplane. If truckers are driving too fast for the weather conditions or are distracted while behind the wheel, they may be unable to stop and a catastrophic accident could occur.  

What is considered marital property?

If you have filed for divorce or are considering terminating your marriage, you may be overwhelmed at the idea of dividing all of your property. Illinois is an equitable distribution of property state, meaning that all marital property and assets are divided based on what is deemed fair and equitable. Marital or community property involves everything that you amassed throughout your marriage. While it may seem like a lot, there are even more items that you may have overlooked when picking out marital property.

One common oversight are expensive collections, including art, coins, cars, horses, antiques and any other collectors’ items. Income tax refunds, lottery ticket winnings, benefits from former employers and term life insurance policies are a few other assets that may be missed. You might be surprised to learn that any frequent flier miles, travel reward points or other rewards earned on memberships are divisible as well. Country club and golf course memberships are a few other marital items.

Whiplash following a car accident can be debilitating

Your day suddenly took a turn for the worse due to an accident on your way to work. Unfortunately, the crash has left your neck feeling sore - a sign that you have suffered whiplash - and you are not sure what to do next.

Whiplash is a common car accident injury. If another driver's negligence caused you to suffer this debilitating injury, you have the right to seek compensation for it.

Will you have to pay manimony when you divorce?

If you are an Illinois woman contemplating divorce, you may have heard that alimony is not what it used to be. Traditionally, husbands paid alimony to their ex-wives because the income disparity between them was so great. Today, however, many women earn as much as, if not more than, their husbands. If you are one of them, you should know that it is not uncommon for divorce judges to award alimony to both men and women. That is why these payments now go by the name of spousal support instead of alimony.

Highly-paid women in the workforce are no longer the rare exception they once were. It may surprise you to learn that even five years ago, women were the leading or only family breadwinner in 40 percent of American households. The Women’s Institute for Financial Education reports that manimony is the new nickname for the maintenance payments that a woman pays to her ex-husband.

When can you request a post-divorce modification or appeal?

As someone who is getting a divorce in Illinois, it's important to know what you can or can't change after your divorce has been made final. Fortunately, there are still some adjustments you may be able to make no matter what stage in the divorce process you're at.

FindLaw states that motions for post-divorce modifications and appeals are something that one or even both spouses can make. Approval of divorce modifications are still up to the court, however. You essentially return to the court to request for a modification, which can be made for whatever reason. In many cases, requests for modifications stem from issues relating to your child custody situation. If circumstances change drastically enough, a parent that was awarded primary custody may no longer be suitable in the eyes of you or the court. Examples include spouses who are no longer available for parenting due to conviction of criminal charges and jail sentencing.

Understanding Illinois’ Animal Control Act

At the Law Office of Kerley & Associates in Illinois, we know how frightening a dog bite can be, especially if the dog bites your child. Even if (s)he receives only a tiny “nip,” you naturally worry about the possibility of rabies. In addition, this experience could make your child fear all dogs for the rest of his or her life. If the dog bite causes serious injury, (s)he could face extensive medical treatment up to and including plastic surgery to prevent permanent scarring.

Section 510 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes sets forth the Illinois Animal Control Act. This Act defines an animal as not only a dog, but any living creature except humans that can contract rabies. The statute also defines and makes provision for potentially dangerous dogs, dangerous dogs and vicious dogs.

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