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Fighting for the financial information you need during divorce

The terms of your final divorce order matter. They will determine many aspects of your life going forward, including your financial health and stability. It's critical for your future to make sure you have a fair agreement that allows you to have security going forward, but this is difficult to do when the other party is actively working to keep you from your fair share of marital property. 

One way this can happen is by attempting to hide assets. One spouse may withhold certain financial information in order to keep more money or retain more assets. This will make it difficult to get your fair share. Complete financial disclosure is crucial to a fair property division order, and you may have to fight for this information during your divorce.

Helping kids cope with divorce is easier with support

You may be one of many Illinois spouses whose marriage has been in turmoil for a while now. Perhaps, you recently told your children you are planning on filing for divorce, but now you're worried about how that announcement and the changes your decision will bring to their lives might affect them. The good news is that children are typically highly adaptable and resilient.

The more you and your ex are willing to work as a team concerning your children's future, the better. There are numerous child custody, visitation or property division issues that may present legal challenges, though. That's why it's best if you know where to seek support if a problem arises and find help to resolve the issue as swiftly as possible and, preferably, without confrontation.

What financial damages could you face after a car accident?

Driving to and from work every day may be a time that you actually enjoy. Your commute may be the part of your day when you have the most time to yourself, and you find it relaxing as you drive to work and mentally prepare for the day or as you drive home and shed the stress of the office. Of course, while you do your part to remain focused on the task of driving, you know all too well that other drivers do not and that a car accident could take place at any moment.

You certainly do not want to end up in this type of scenario, but because you do commute most days of the week, you know that you face the risk of another driver hitting your vehicle and causing you injuries. What could that mean for you and your family?

Tips that might help you avoid a dog bite

You might be one of many dog enthusiasts in Illinois. Maybe you have one or several fur babies that are more like members of your family than they are pets. Then again, perhaps, dogs aren't really your cup of tea, but you understand your friends or relatives love their own. Finally, you might relate most to people who are terribly afraid of dogs. Whichever category you're in, it's helpful to learn as much as you can about how to avoid a dog bite.

First, it's not always possible to avoid an attack. However, it's always a good idea to be alert and cautious whenever a dog is nearby. Even if it's your own dog or a one that you're highly familiar with, dogs are dogs, and you can't predict what they might do at any given moment. There are certain signs, however, that would suggest a high risk of attack. If a dog attacks you, your greatest priority is to seek medical attention right away.

Wrong-way interstate drivers will be on your left

Wrong-way accidents on the interstate are very frightening. They often happen at night and they often involve alcohol. They also happen so fast that drivers who are in the proper lane may have little time to react. Considering that it's a very violent crash, the idea that it happens year in and year out can make people wary.

You should be wary, and you should take steps to protect yourself. One key thing to remember is that the wrong-way driver on the interstate is probably going to be on your left.

Field sobriety testing -- do I have to comply?

Imagine this. You are driving home from a night on the town when, all of a sudden, an Illinois police officer is pulling you over. After a quick talk with the officer, he or she asks you to participate in field sobriety testing. What exactly does that mean, and do you have to comply?

Whether you choose to comply is up to you. Yes, you can refuse. Not many people know that. However, there are consequences for doing so. You have to weigh the pros and cons and do what you think is best for you.

Divorce myths: Men don't get alimony

When alimony began, it typically required former husbands to pay their ex-wives after a divorce. Many people think that this is the only way it works.

However, as it turns out, that's just one of the more common divorce myths. The truth is that men or women can get alimony from their exes, regardless of gender. Many courts have gender-neutral policies. They just look at the economics of the situation and make a ruling without bias.

With tailgaters, focus on solving the problem

When someone starts tailgating, it's easy to focus on the severe danger this puts you in. It's easy to act emotionally. Many people do things like slamming on their brakes or slowing down even more just to make the tailgater angry. This is the beginning of a potential road rage situation.

Instead of doing that -- and putting yourself and everyone else in danger -- focus on solving the problem. Yes, the tailgater is a problem, and they are putting you in danger. Instead of being angry, think about how you can eliminate that danger.

Brain injury symptoms to watch for after an accident

Seeking prompt medical attention after a car accident is important. Most people in Illinois already know this, but the prospect of hefty medical bills scares many victims into ignoring their symptoms. Instead, it might feel easier to just go home even when those symptoms signal a larger problem -- a brain injury.

Brain injuries happen more often than you might think. When the sudden jolt of a blow impacts a person's head, the resulting injury can interfere with his or her brain function. Foreign objects that penetrate a person's skull can also cause serious injury. All of these situations can happen in a car accident, so it is easy to see why motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common causes of brain injuries.

Healing from a dog bite can be brutal

Those who suffer from a dog bite need to be aware that the issues they face may last for a long time. Healing is not always the simple, straightforward process that people often assume it is. It can actually be a brutal process that is, in some ways, far worse than the pain from the initial injury.

For instance, some deeper wounds take a long time to heal, and people can suffer from very intense itching sensations while healing. This isn't something they can turn off or get away from. It's an ever-present sensation that can wreck their lives for weeks or months to come.

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