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Could your child’s coat reduce car seat effectiveness?

One thing you probably do every time you get into the car is put your child in his or her car seat. You know it is required by Illinois law, but more importantly, you know it is essential to keeping your child safe in the event of a crash. Unfortunately, what you may not realize is another thing you do to keep your child safe--putting him or her in a warm winter coat--could drastically reduce the effectiveness of the car seat to keep your child safe.

Large winter coats may keep your child warm against the cold of winter, but they also prevent the car seat's straps from fitting properly. According to Consumer Reports, when a child is wearing a puffy coat, it causes the car seat straps to need loosening. When you loosen the straps, it becomes a safety issue. In an accident, the coat compresses. The straps are then loose enough for your child to slip out and become airborne in a crash. 

What are some trends in truck accidents?

Accidents involving large trucks in Illinois often are quite serious. The size and weight of these vehicles increase the chances for critical injuries, death and property damage. When a truck causes an accident, it becomes something that requires study. Even if the truck is merely involved in the accident and did not cause it, this still requires looking into because finding why truck accidents occur can help to prevent them in the future.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration tracks information about truck accidents and provides it to you. Learning more about such accidents can help you to be safer around trucks on the road and learn what you could do to avoid getting into an accident with one. 

What rights do Illinois grandparents have?

Grandparents’ rights have a complex history in Illinois, and related laws have undergone many changes over time. Nowadays, however, you may, as an Illinois grandparent, lawfully seek visitation through filing a lawsuit in the state, but there are particular things you must demonstrate in order for the courts to consider granting it to you.

According to The Spruce, one of the primary things you must prove as a grandparent seeking formal visitation in Illinois is that you have been subject to “unreasonable denial of visitation” with your grandchild, who must be at least 1 year old. You may seek visitation through an existing divorce, custody or visitation suit, or you may also be able to do so through filing a separate petition.

Will your dog be put down after biting someone?

If your dog bites someone in Illinois, you have quite a bit to be concerned about. You have to ensure the person is okay and gets the proper medical treatment. You also have to be concerned about what this could mean for your property or rental insurance because a claim is almost certain to be made. You also need to think about your dog's well-being. 

According to Illinois Legal Aid, your dog will likely not be put down or euthanized if it has not been ruled a vicious dog. The court can label your dog as vicious if it believes it poses a danger to the public. If this happens, you must follow strict guidelines for how you contain your dog and for when you take your dog in public. This includes getting your dog spayed or neutered, keeping it muzzled when it is off your property, keeping it contained behind a six-foot fence and behind a locked gate and using a leash that is six feet long or shorter. If a vicious dog gets loose, it could be put down. 

Don't let a bark turn into a bite re pet custody in divorce

You may be among many others in Illinois whose dog is a beloved member of your family. After all, your relationship began when your dog was a mere eight-week-old puppy and has continued for more than a decade. Bringing your puppy home together may be a cherished memory you have with your spouse. However, now that you've decided to divorce, discussions about your pet have grown quite contentious, namely, which one of you will have custody?

Traditionally, the court typically considers pet decisions part of property division negotiations rather than custody agreements in divorce. Whether or not you have children, the placement and care of your beloved pet is also of paramount importance where your divorce settlement is concerned. That's why it helps to know your rights and how to access support when needed if a pet custody dispute arises.

Can you move a vehicle after an auto accident?

Illinois motorists who get in a car accident will face a number of immediate questions. One of them is whether you can move your vehicle from the immediate location of an accident. Illinois law addresses this question, and as it turns out, the law does allow motorists to move an automobile from an accident scene, provided certain conditions are met.

According to Illinois state law, a driver of a vehicle that has only struck another automobile, without causing property damage, must stop at the scene or as close to it as possible. Failure to do so can result in a possible Class A misdemeanor. If a judge determines that a motorist has caused damages exceeding $1,000 dollars, it could lead to penalties such as a suspension of the motorist’s driving license or the driving privilege of any nonresident of the state.

Methods your spouse may use to conceal property

If you believe you and your husband or wife are heading for an Illinois divorce, you may no longer have the same level of trust in your partner you once did. You may suspect that your spouse is beginning to stockpile assets ahead of divorce proceedings, and if your spouse is like many others across America, your suspicions may have merit. At the Law Office of Kerley & Associates, we have a comprehensive understanding of the tactics spouses often rely on to hide assets from one another, and we have represented many clients wanting to ensure they receive their fair share in divorce.

Often, spouses rely on similar methods when they attempt to conceal assets from their partners, and some are easier to spot than others. For example, your spouse may begin making small withdrawals from your shared accounts while hoping you will not notice them. Meanwhile, he or she moves the money into a separate bank account, which may well be at a completely different financial institution. Your spouse may also unload pricy items and belongings to a close friend, while, unbeknownst to you, the two have an existing agreement to sell or transfer said assets back, post-divorce.

Tips for trucker safety

Ever busier interstates and increasingly distracted drivers have placed the importance of traffic safety prominently on a national stage. More specifically, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has highlighted the need for caution among semitruck drivers, pointing out the occurrence of 3,346 injuries in accidents involving large trucks on Illinois highways in 2016.

The FMCSA also noted that sizable vehicles transported more than half of all U.S. freight the previous year, emphasizing the widespread significance of trucking safety and awareness that weighs heavily on the industry. What can truckers do to reduce their chances of becoming FMCSA statistics?

What to do if a dog chases you on your bike

A bicycle is an excellent choice of transportation, recreation and exercise for many in Illinois, but on your ride, you are exposed to a risk that motorists are not: dog attacks. We at the Law Office of Kerley & Associates have represented many people who were injured by a dog who was not properly restrained by its owner.

According to Bicycling magazine, dogs may not see riders as people, but as prey that needs to be chased out of their territory, even though the same animals may not exhibit any of that aggression toward a person walking past the yard. You may be tempted to try to get away from the dog by riding faster, but keep in mind that you may need to ride at speeds exceeding 20 mph, depending on the breed of dog. In some cases, the dog may be confused or deterred if you stop and dismount. If you try this, use your bike as a shield and avoid eye contact. Other methods of escaping an attacking dog include the following:

  • Spray it with water or pepper spray
  • Yell
  • Use an air horn
  • Play dead

What are delayed symptoms?

After a car accident in Illinois, you could be suffering from a serious injury and have no clue. That is because you may experience delayed symptoms. According to Patch, delayed symptoms of an injury often occur days after a car accident. They do not show up right away due to the chemicals your body releases to help give you energy to get through the harrowing experience.

It is your body's natural response to release chemicals that will give you energy in a situation where your life is threatened, such as an auto accident. Once released, these chemicals block your pain receptors so you do not feel anything. After the chemicals naturally drain from your system, the pain receptors are unblocked, and you start to feel the effects of the accident.

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