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Divorce may center around money issues

Financial issues can and do lead to divorce, and it's often because the family simply does not have enough money. They feel stressed. One spouse may feel like it is the other person's fault. Even if they don't feel that way, the couple may decide a fresh start can help.

Financial concerns are very real, and they can massively impact a relationship that is otherwise healthy. Some reasons people head for divorce include:

  • One spouse has a lot of outstanding debt
  • One spouse has poor spending habits and spends more than they can afford
  • One spouse likes to save, and the other likes to spend, so they never see eye-to-eye
  • One spouse has an expensive addiction, like gambling or drinking
  • One spouse takes far more risks with money than the other
  • One spouse is very controlling with the money and never lets the other person have a say
  • One spouse uses all of the family's money for their own ventures, such as starting a business

Do one thing at a time when driving on ice

Driving on ice is dangerous and often frightening for those who do not do it often. You can feel like you are barely in control of your car -- and that may be true. A lot of accidents happen because people suddenly lose control or can't react the same way they can on clean pavement.

How can you drive safely? One expert noted that your car has three basic functions:

  • Accelerating
  • Braking
  • Turning

Head-on crash leads to 2 airlifts

Two people, though both expected to survive a head-on crash, suffered injuries severe enough that they had to be airlifted from the scene.

Per the reports from the Illinois State Police, one driver is a 21-year-old man. The other is a 26-year-old woman. The crash happened in Monroe County on Friday night, Jan. 3.

It's harder to train a dog that thinks it is the leader

Dogs have a pack mentality. They need someone to be the leader. If they do not get that leadership from a person in their "pack," then they may try to become the leader.

This can be problematic because the dog may be harder to control and harder to train. That, in turn, can make it more likely that the dog will bite someone because the owner may not be able to stop it or get the dog to listen when it matters most.

Do you plan to ride your motorcycle this winter?

When the weather starts getting cold, most people who ride motorcycles choose to put them away for the winter. However, you have other ideas and intend to keep riding even in the frigid weather. This may be something that you do every year, or you may have recently met other riders who told you it's what they do. Whatever the reason, you plan on riding this winter.

Of course, it is important to understand that riding a motorcycle in the cold is different than riding in warmer weather. You may already know a few tips to keep in mind, but if this is your first winter keeping your motorcycle on the road, you need to make sure that you are prepared.

Drunk drivers take a life every 53 minutes

People have a general understanding, of course, that drunk driving is dangerous. They know that it leads to car accidents. They also know that it's illegal. Some people may argue that they're good at it -- a common misconception -- but they still know it's dangerous overall.

What people often do not realize is just how dangerous it is. For instance, did you know that 28 people pass away in DUI accidents every day? When you break that down, it works out to a death every 53 minutes. That average death toll continues around the clock, every day of the year.

Why dog bites get infected

Even a dog bite that does not get infected can be incredibly painful. It may need immediate medical attention. It could lead to a disability or a disfigurement.

When bites do get infected, though, everything just gets worse. Some infections are life-threatening. A seemingly minor bite could put you in the hospital with serious issues -- including a lot of pain and suffering -- in the days and weeks to come. Why does this happen?

Up to 5% of adoptions reversed yearly

Most of the time, when a family adopts a child, that adoption is for life. The child joins the family and remains with it just as a biological child would.

However, this is not the case in all adoptions. Reports say that as many as 5% of adoptions get reversed annually. Experts generally put it from 1% to 5%.

3 key points about dog bites to the face

Dog bites to the face and neck are the most dangerous that a person can suffer. Even those who survive could be left with horrible disfigurements. This is one type of animal attack you really want to avoid at all costs.

So, how do these attacks happen? Some studies have shed a bit of light on the issue.

Sleepy drivers are dangerous drivers

Like many others, you have probably been behind the wheel of your vehicle while you were tired. It's normal to be sleepy in the morning on your way to work or to find yourself yawning while you are running errands in the afternoon. However, there is a difference between being a little sleepy and being dangerously fatigued.

Drowsy driving is a serious problem, and it may be a more prevalent issue than you realize. Most people are unaware of how dangerous it is to get behind the wheel while fatigued and how much it can increase the chance of a car accident. Like drunk driving and distracted driving, drowsy driving is negligent and reckless, and it unnecessarily places others at risk for injury.

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