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Don’t let a dog bite take a bite out of your financial well-being

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2017 | blog

You may not realize it, but a dog bite can be much more than just a painful inconvenience. When an animal attacks you or your child, you may be unaware of just how far reaching the impact can be, both emotionally and financially.

Severe animal bites require medical attention and wound care, and they carry the risk for infection and further complications. All of these things can be quite costly, and before you know it, a one-time bite from an animal could be a direct threat to the financial well-being of your Illinois family. If you suffered from a bite from a dog or another type of pet, you would be wise to be fully apprised of your legal options.

Who should pay for a dog bite?

In order for you to obtain compensation for a dog bite, you claim must establish that the pet owner is liable for your injuries. In Illinois, pet owners are responsible for damages caused by their pets, but you must be able to prove that you were not on their property unlawfully. In most cases, the pet owner’s homeowners’ insurance policy would cover the financial repercussions of an animal attack.

Pet owners may not be the only ones responsible for an animal attack. A full investigation into the incident that left you or your child physically hurt and emotionally traumatized may reveal another party shares liability for the bite, potentially including:

  • The property owner, even if that person is not the pet owner
  • Landlords who knew about the presence of a dangerous animal
  • Parents of a minor who owns the animal
  • Animal keeper or any person responsible for the custody and care of the pet

An animal attack is frightening, and in many cases, victims are unsure of what they should do after it happens. Regardless of the circumstances of your situation, you will find it useful to seek a full understanding of your legal options.

The unseen impact of an animal attack

The impact of a dog bite or other type of animal attack is much more than just the physical injuries you can see. The emotional trauma often associated with this type of injury can be permanent and quite serious, and victims can suffer with the detrimental consequences for years. Depending on the nature of your case, it may be appropriate to seek monetary compensation for emotional trauma and your or your child’s pain and suffering.