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What are delayed symptoms?

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2017 | car accidents

After a car accident in Illinois, you could be suffering from a serious injury and have no clue. That is because you may experience delayed symptoms. According to Patch, delayed symptoms of an injury often occur days after a car accident. They do not show up right away due to the chemicals your body releases to help give you energy to get through the harrowing experience.

It is your body’s natural response to release chemicals that will give you energy in a situation where your life is threatened, such as an auto accident. Once released, these chemicals block your pain receptors so you do not feel anything. After the chemicals naturally drain from your system, the pain receptors are unblocked, and you start to feel the effects of the accident.

Commonly, concussions and whiplash are the main injuries that are not immediately caught after an accident. This is because they are internal and not easy to diagnose without you being able to explain your symptoms. If you have no symptoms, then there is no way to know you have been injured.

Whiplash and concussions can cause similar symptoms. These include dizziness, mental confusion, headaches and muscle stiffness. Whiplash also usually has localized pain in the neck and shoulder area. Concussions may also affect your mood, ability to sleep and cause trouble with vision and balance.

Because of the risk of delayed symptoms, you should always get a medical checkup after an accident and wait a little while to enter into any agreement with an insurance company. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.