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Taking a look at travel and family law

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2019 | family law

In recent years, travel has become increasingly popular. With access to an incredible amount of information online, affordable flights and a barrage of travel content on social media, many people enjoy visiting other parts of the country and traversing the globe. Moreover, some people travel for business purposes as well. Travel is often seen as glamorous, but it can create problems in relationships for a number of reasons, and there are various family law considerations when it comes to travel as well.

Some couples may head overseas for the first time and become so bitter with each other during the trip that their marriage ultimately falls apart. Or, someone may regularly leave their spouse behind, such as someone who travels for business purposes, and this could cause their marriage to crumble. Sometimes, people have affairs while they are traveling, or they may be financially irresponsible on their trips. These are just some of the reasons why relationship problems can arise due to traveling.

Aside from divorce, there are other family law issues that affect some people when it comes to traveling. For example, unpaid child support may prompt someone to cancel their trip because they cannot get a passport, and people may have to postpone plans because they need to appear in court over a custody dispute. Financial considerations, such as alimony and child support obligations, can also have an impact on one’s ability to travel. Whether you are planning a trip or dealing with family law issues following a vacation, it is important to be mindful of these matters.