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11 injured when car rear-ends hayride

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2019 | car accidents

Hayrides are very popular in the fall all over the Midwest, but one unfortunately turned tragic in Illinois when a vehicle rear-ended the hayride on the highway. A farm vehicle was pulling the trailer, which was full of passengers. Both the car and the trailer flipped and overturned during the wreck.

When the emergency crews got there, they found that a number of those who had been injured were still unconscious — not a good sign in any accident. Numerous people also had broken bones.

Around 11 people suffered injuries overall, and three of those people are said to be in critical condition. There were two people riding in the car that hit the hayride, and fire officials apparently treated them at the crash site.

Officials have not given out names, ages or other identifying information for the injured people at this time, but they were careful to note that none of those who got injured were children. Considering how popular hayrides are for children and families, that is a positive note and fairly unexpected.

The accident is still being investigated, so the police don’t know why it happened at this point. It’s safe to assume that the farm vehicle was traveling far slower than the car, which quickly came up behind it, but why the two collided is unclear. The authorities did rule out the involvement of alcohol.

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