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3 reasons to make adjustments to a child custody arrangement

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2024 | family law

A child custody arrangement is often made in consideration of each parent’s and their children’s current situation. However, many things can happen that can cause parents to need an altered custody arrangement. 

Here are a few reasons parents need an altered child custody arrangement:

A parent can not control their work or school schedule

Most adults cannot control when they are scheduled to work or attend classes. If a job or school changes a parent’s schedule, it may conflict with their custody schedule. Sometimes, the easiest thing to do when this happens is for parents to discuss the issue and alter a custody arrangement around the parent’s work and school schedule. This can sometimes be a temporary change.

A parent found a better work or living situation 

Today, many people are struggling to find stable work and living conditions. After a divorce, a parent may have found better work and living opportunities that cause them to be far away from their child’s other parent. Parents may need to discuss how the move is necessary even if it impacts a custody arrangement, but also how an altered arrangement can be made to accommodate any struggles.

A child’s needs demands a parent’s attention 

Children can develop sudden and unexpected medical conditions. These medical conditions may require parents to give their children special attention. A child’s special needs may be too great for parents to constantly switch physical custody. An arrangement may be made so that one parent is mainly responsible for a child’s care.

Parents may need to learn more about their legal options before altering a child custody arrangement.