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Helping your children through your divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2024 | family law

One of the most challenging situations that families may ever encounter is divorce. The entire divorce process is stressful and emotionally charged, and it affects the entire family, not just the divorcing couple. Often, some well-meaning person will remind you that children are resilient in order to put your mind at ease. In actuality, the trauma of divorce impacts children in a manner that is similar to how it affects adults.

Divorce can be particularly traumatizing for children, as it may bring to the surface a wide range of feelings for them, including sadness, remorse, confusion and more. Because of this, you must break the news of your impending divorce as delicately as possible.

How to tell your children you’re divorcing

This type of life-altering news needs to be shared as a family, even though you may not want your soon-to-be ex to be in the same room as you. This is when you need to put your children’s needs before your own.

Your kids will probably have questions once you’ve told them the news. Let them ask any questions they may have. They could be questioning if they are the reason for the divorce. Try your best to reassure them that they are not at fault and to relieve their anxieties.

  • Remind them that you love them and that will never change.
  • When it comes to the children’s relationship with the other parent, always try to remain objective (or positive, if possible).
  • Above all, remember to put yourself in your children’s position. How would you like to be informed if you were them, and what would you want to know?

Putting yourself in their shoes can help you to understand the situation from their perspective. Give your kids time to adjust to the changes brought about by your divorce. Don’t forget to look after yourself at the same time. Seeking assistance during the divorce process can lighten your load considerably.