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2 ways that money can lead to divorce

On Behalf of | May 9, 2024 | family law

There are many different ways that money can be involved in a divorce case. Couples often get into disagreements about how to divide their assets, for instance. They may also blame financial stress for their divorce.

You may be wondering if you are moving toward a divorce this year, and it can be beneficial to plan ahead, especially for financial issues. To help you get this process underway, here are two potential ways that money could lead to the end of your marriage.

You and your spouse are always at odds

One problem is when two people use or view money differently and find themselves constantly at odds. You may feel that your spouse is a frivolous spender, for example. You’re dealing with a lot of financial stress and having trouble making ends meet, but you feel that the root problem is that your spouse has excessive spending habits or doesn’t support you as you try to save the money that you earn. Two people with very different approaches to money may not be able to coexist in a marital relationship.

One of you loses your job

Interestingly, there is a link between divorce and job loss. If either you or your spouse lose your job, the odds of divorce are going to be higher for you than they would have been otherwise. This doesn’t mean that job loss is going to doom every marriage. But it can just create a lot more financial stress and instability, which means that the end of the marriage is more likely.

If you do get divorced, be sure that you understand all of your legal options when splitting up money and other assets.