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Co-parent for your kids’ sake

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2017 | family law

Getting divorced is not generally something most Illinois residents actually want to do even if they believe it is ultimately for the better. When minor children are involved, the reluctance to break up a family can be even greater. Parents understandably worry about the emotional health of their children as well as how they as parents can work effectively with their former spouses to raise their children together. Co-parenting may not be easy but it can be done in such a way that helps parents and kids alike.

Today’s Parent explains that the whole concept behind positive co-parenting is putting the needs of the children first. This may often mean letting go of something that a parent finds frustrating but by consciously thinking about the benefit to the kids, it can become eaiser. One of the biggest rules parents should adhere to is to never speak ill of each other in front of their children. Similarly they should behave politely and even positively to and with each other when together in person in front of the kids.

MindBodyGreen adds that taking this approach benefits childrens’ need and ability to appropriately bond with both parents. When kids sense conflict between parents, they unconsciously may choose sides and this then stands in the way of good relationships with both parents.

When challenging situations arise, parents may benefit by waiting before making a decision or responding to a message. Holding off can reduce conflict levels and avoid turning small issues into major escalations or problems.