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Make Your Wishes Known Through A Well-Crafted Will

A will dictates what happens in the event of your death. A living will or power of attorney provides similar direction if you become mentally or physically incapacitated. This is your opportunity to ensure that your wishes are known and carried out, whatever the circumstances.

The experienced lawyers of Kerley & Talken PC work closely with you to provide customized estate planning solutions. There is peace of mind in knowing that your interests are protected and all the bases are covered.

Everyone Should Have A Will

We believe every adult – regardless of age or wealth – should create a last will and testament. It spells out your wishes and spares your loved ones from disputes or difficult choices. If you were to die unexpectedly without a will, Illinois intestacy laws would dictate how your estate is distributed.

We help you draft a will that reflects your goals and concerns, such as:

  • Declaring your heirs and what each of them will inherit
  • Nominating a guardian for your minor children
  • Expressing your wishes regarding funeral rites
  • Arranging for care and custody of your pets
  • Accounting for digital assets (social media accounts, cloud data)

In conjunction with a will, we can also create estate planning trusts to protect assets or accomplish specific goals.

Why Work With An Experienced Attorney?

Many people mistakenly believe that anything they put on paper is a sufficient will. That’s simply not true. A will is likely to be highly scrutinized because it is an important legal document with financial implications for anyone named as an heir. Moreover, the subject of the will (you) won’t be around to clarify any ambiguities or settle any disputes. In that way, a poorly written or incomplete will could actually be more problematic than a nonexistent one.

Using a free template found online or creating your own will might work under certain circumstances, but any money you save by doing so could easily be offset by estate assets lost or unaccounted for. And although a DIY will might save you some time, it could ultimately create much more work and headache for those who survive you.

Ready To Get Your Affairs In Order?

Kerley & Talken PC welcomes people of all walks of life, from young couples to retirees. We will tailor your will and estate planning documents to reflect your goals and your family’s unique circumstances.

We offer a free consultation, by phone or video, as well as in-person meetings on a case-by-case basis. Call our Springfield office at 217-814-0148 or contact us online to make arrangements.