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Have You Been Named To Settle An Illinois Estate?

The duties of an estate representative can be daunting and time-consuming. Without guidance, it is easy to get bogged down or even wander into legal trouble.

Kerley & Talken PC provides dependable legal counsel for probate and estate administration in central Illinois. We help executors, personal representatives and trustees perform their duties as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Our attorneys also handle estate litigation.

Close Guidance For Probate And Estate Administration

Estate administration, commonly known as “probate,” is the legal process for settling the estate of the deceased. Depending on the complexity of the estate and the nature of the assets, this may involve:

  • Opening the estate in probate court
  • Locating and notifying beneficiaries
  • Marshaling all the assets
  • Paying debts and taxes of the estate
  • Liquidating property to pay creditors
  • Distributing assets to the heirs
  • Final accounting and reporting

Our experienced lawyers can provide legal guidance as you work through the list of duties. If you are overwhelmed by the tasks or live out-of-state, we can perform some of the work to ease the burden. We are here to provide whatever level of support you need to get the job done.

Legal Counsel For Probate Disputes

Sometimes there are questions about the validity of the will, such as fraud or undue influence. There may be allegations of missing or misappropriated assets. There may be accusations of wrongdoing or negligence (breach of fiduciary duty) in settling the estate. Our lawyers have represented heirs, disinherited family members, executors and others in will contests and other estate disputes. We strive for negotiated resolutions to limit the expense and family strife, but we are effective courtroom advocates if the conflict ends up in litigation.

Talk To An Experienced Estate Law Attorney

Kerley & Talken PC is an established and trusted firm. Our attorneys are well-versed in wills and estate planning as well as probate proceedings. We offer a free consultation to discuss estate administration or an estate-related dispute. Call our Springfield office at 217-814-0148 or contact us online.