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What parents need to know about animal bites

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2017 | animal bites

If your child has been bitten by an animal in Illinois, there are several things you should know. Every bite can be different, so you may need help identifying potential diseases or knowing how to treat the wound. We at the Law Office of Kerley and Associates can help you recognize dangers you may not have been aware of and ensure that you receive the compensation you need to get adequate treatment.

The Encyclopedia of Children’s Health states that you need to determine whether the skin was broken. Thoroughly examine your child to search for any indication of teeth marks. If the skin was broken, you will need to immediately cleanse the area with soap and water and dress with antibiotic ointment and a sterile bandage. You will need to take your child to the doctor if the bite was inflicted by a cat, since 30 to 50 percent of feline attacks lead to infection.

While infection can lead to many serious diseases, such as rabies, pneumonia, meningitis or heart infections, bleeding is another concern. If the wound if gaping, deep or will not stop bleeding after 15 minutes of pressure, you need to visit the emergency room. Bites to the neck, head, hand and foot also require medical attention, as do any broken bones.

If your child has not had a tetanus shot or booster in the last five years or is showing immediate signs of infection, nerve damage or broken bones, you should also visit the emergency room. You should also notify the local police or animal control agency to prevent future attacks by the same animal. For more information on animal bites, please visit our web page.