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Illinois ranks high nationally in number of dog bite claims

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2018 | animal bites

If you live in Illinois and have ever had the unfortunate experience of suffering a dog bite from someone else’s animal, you are not alone. According to 2014 numbers, Illinois ranks fourth in the nation in terms of the number of dog bite claims filed, with insurance agencies in the state paying an average of $34,894 per claim. At the Law Office of Kerley & Associates, we understand that considerable expenses often result from dog bites, and we have helped many dog bite victims across the state seek appropriate compensation for their injuries.

Per the Insurance Journal, only three states in the nation see more dog bites claims than Illinois, and, nationwide, the average cost per claim is on the rise. Why? Part of the uptick is attributable to the fact that many claims filed nowadays involve more than just dog bites. For example, some claims involve animals who, whether on or off-leash, cause children, bicyclists and seniors, among others, to fall and injure themselves.

Animal experts note that most dogs, if raised and socialized well, are unlikely to bite or attack. Often, when animals attack humans, they do so because they are defending their owners, their offspring or their food, but in some cases, they bite because of improper breeding, improper training or because their owners encourage them to behave viciously.

While there is only so much you can do if other pet owners behave negligently, there are certain steps you can take to reduce your risk of a dog bite. Avoid approaching unfamiliar dogs and encourage your children to do the same. If you regularly attend dog parks or walk by areas where you know aggressive dogs reside, wear a whistle and walk on the opposite side of the street. More about animal bites is available on our web page.