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4 common causes of single-vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | May 12, 2018 | Firm News

Car accidents can happen under a variety of circumstances, and sometimes even a small issue could lead to a crash that has devastating outcomes. These accidents do not have to involve multiple vehicles either. Commonly, a single-vehicle accident could have serious or tragic outcomes.

Though a driver in such an incident may not feel at fault because he or she believes that the incident was unavoidable, that person may still hold liability for the crash. As a result, if you suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one in a single-vehicle crash, you may have reason to take legal action against the driver involved.

What causes single-car accidents?

Though drivers involved in single-vehicle accidents may feel that the incidents were not their faults for one reason or another, many of these crashes could have been prevented if the driver had taken certain precautions. One of the following factors may have contributed to the incident that caused your injuries:

  • Distracted driving: Always a major hazard, distracted driving could easily lead to a single-vehicle crash as a driver could leave the roadway, lose control or collide with an object due to not paying attention. By remaining focused on the task of driving, individuals could avoid this type of incident.
  • Animals in the road: Though most drivers care about animals and do no want to harm them unnecessarily, animals in the roadway could present a serious danger. Drivers trying to avoid animals could easily wind up in a serious accident, so it may prove safer to hit the animal than risk losing control.
  • Inclement weather: The weather can quickly affect road conditions, and wet or icy roads could result in driver’s losing control and ending up in single-vehicle accidents. In hopes of preventing such an incident, drivers should slow down and otherwise accommodate for road conditions.
  • Sun glare: Most drivers know that sun glare can suddenly make it difficult to see, and this issue has caused a number of single-vehicle accidents. By simply using sunglasses or the sun visor in the vehicle, driver’s may have the ability to maintain better visibility.

As a passenger, you undoubtedly want your driver to take necessary precautions, but that does not always happen.

How can you seek compensation?

If a driver’s negligence resulted in a single-vehicle accident in which you suffered or lost a loved one, you may have legal grounds to seek compensation. Civil lawsuits, like personal injury or wrongful death claims, could help you pursue the restitution you deserve after such a serious incident.