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What are the emotional effects of a dog bite?

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018 | animal bites

Few things can be as terrifying for you and other Illinois residents as a sudden dog bite. Whether you or a loved one was nipped by a startled family pet or viciously attacked by an aggressive dog, the physical scars can be significant and long-lasting. The emotional ramifications of a dog attack are often just as serious.

After you have recovered from a dog bite, you may still deal with scarring for some time. A scar might fade after a few months, but many serious scars are permanent. A bad scar on your face, arms or another visible part of your body could have a negative emotional impact. Top Health Today explains that in a study, 40 percent of women said their physical scars made them self-conscious of how they looked and felt about themselves. You can assume that scarring would also be difficult for men and children to deal with emotionally. Your scars may make you feel embarrassed to go out or annoyed at having to explain the incident to curious people.

Any serious accident can cause symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. These mental conditions have the potential to affect your daily life and quality of living. For example, you might be afraid to go to the park or other places where dogs are known to frequent. Dog-friendly restaurants and stores may give you panic attacks. You might be too scared to visit a friend or family member who has dogs, or worried they will bring your dogs when they come to your house.

The long-term emotional impact of a dog attack can be crippling. It may help to know that there are resources available, including compensation and counseling, that may help you recover from your psychological injuries.