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Tire safety checks may help you stay safe on the road

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2018 | Firm News

Many aspects of your vehicle help you travel safely. When an issue with any part of your car exists, you could easily find yourself in danger. Fortunately, with routine assessments and repairs, you can make sure that your vehicle stays in proper working order.

In particular, one part of your vehicle that you may want to pay close attention to is your tire quality. Your tires are literally the only thing between your vehicle and the road, and they are what keep your vehicle moving safely and securely on the blacktop. Even if just a seemingly small issue presents itself with one or more of your tires, the problem could put you in serious danger.

What to check

While many parts of your vehicle need to be professionally checked by a mechanic on a regular basis, you can take steps to check certain aspects of your tires yourself. In the event that you suspect a problem, you can have a professional take a closer look. Some factors of your tires to check include the following:

  • Tire pressure: Your tires have levels for proper inflation. This level can vary between vehicles, types of tires and brands, so it is important to determine to what level your tires should remain inflated.
  • Quality: Though it may seem more appealing to your wallet to opt for a cheaper brand of tire, higher quality brands may last longer — which saves you money in the long run — and helps you stay safe.
  • Wear patterns: All tires show signs of wear the longer they are on the road. You can check the wear patterns on your tires, and if the wear is uneven, it may be time for a rotation.
  • Tire tread: The tread of your tire refers to the ridges that give the tires their gripping ability. If the tread gets too low, the tires may not grip the road as well and can give way to slipping and sliding.

As mentioned, you should always consult with a professional when you feel an issue with your tires might exist.

Causing accidents

Unfortunately, blown tires, sliding and other tire-related issues can all end up causing serious car accidents. Even if you do your part to make sure your tires are road-ready, other drivers may not. If you become the victim of a car accident, you may want to consider your legal options for seeking compensation from the driver considered at fault.