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Do you need a forensic accountant on your divorce team?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2019 | family law

As someone currently embroiled in an Illinois divorce, you may be working through a broad range of issues, many of which will undoubtedly include dividing up your assets and debts. This is typically an unavoidable part of any divorce, but the process can prove far more complicated and involved for some couples than others.

Divorcing couples with considerable assets, complicated assets or distrust between them may, per Forbes, find it useful to add forensic accountants to their divorce teams. These accounting professionals are becoming increasingly commonplace in modern divorce proceedings, and they may be able to assist divorcing parties as they navigate a wide assortment of issues.

For example, it is an unfortunate reality that many people who are going through divorce choose to be less-than-honest about their income and finances. If you feel as if your former partner is hiding assets, underreporting his or her income or otherwise engaging in shady tactics, a forensic accountant may be able to help you get to the bottom of things.

Even if you have little doubt that your former partner is being honest with you, a forensic accountant may be able to help you work through other areas relating to your split. He or she may, for example, be able to help you appraise certain items if you are not sure of your value, and he or she may, too, help you determine the best way to divide complicated stocks and similar assets. Ultimately, you want to make sure that you are getting everything owed to you during your divorce, and the role of the forensic accountant is to help you do precisely that.

This information about the role of a forensic accountant in a divorce case is educational, only, and not a substitute for legal advice.