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Be sure to write down the details after a serious collision

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2019 | Firm News

A car accident is a confusing and traumatizing event. The time immediately following a collision can feel chaotic, and if you end up needing immediate medical attention you might not even have time to get a solid grasp on the recent events. However, writing things down as soon as possible can be essential for any future personal injury claims.

Taking notes on your crash is important because memory can change or even fade over relatively short periods of time. If you cannot physically write down your notes because of injury, ask a trusted friend or loved one to transcribe your notes. When writing down your recollections, try to touch on some of the following topics.

Details about the wreck

Your notes should address what happened before the accident, not just at the events that followed the collision. This includes describing things like the when, what, who and where of the accident:

  • When the accident took place
  • What happened leading up to and during the wreck
  • Who was involved
  • Where the wreck occurred

You can also add as many details that you can think of. Detail your experience and what you felt during and after the wreck. Include what you and the driver said after the wreck. You should write down anything that you think might be relevant for making your claim later on.

Details about your injuries

Notes regarding your injuries might evolve over time. Some injuries take time to develop while others might worsen or need more extensive treatment than originally thought. That does not mean you should put off writing down the full extent of your injuries, both physical and mental, and should describe these issues to the best of your ability.

Including details about the medical treatment you have already received as well as future treatment plans can help support your claims. You can also describe how these injuries have affected your personal life. For example, did you have to take a break from your job or work fewer hours? Do you struggle to socialize or spend long hours in physical therapy? These details are important.

The process will not be easy

Many victims struggle with this process. Writing down the details of an accident and related injuries can feel traumatic, and it may be something that some people simply are not willing to face. While you should do your best to write down what you can, you can also ask witnesses to provide their own written details. Family members might also be willing to document your injuries from their own perspective.

Facing the emotional, physical and even financial trauma after a serious collision can feel like an uphill battle. Since your wellbeing and recovery may hinge on the compensation you obtain, fighting for it can be worthwhile. If you are unsure about going up against insurance companies on your own, an experienced Illinois attorney can generally provide guided support throughout the process.