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Traffic crashes and road construction workers

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2019 | car accidents

Road construction workers encounter a number of hazards every day. Not only can this be a physically demanding job, but they may also be exposed to extreme temperatures and other job-related hazards. Moreover, they may find themselves in the middle of a traffic accident, which could occur for various reasons. Whether they are struck by one of their co-workers who is operating a truck, or they are hit by a negligent driver, someone who works on a road crew may be injured or even killed in a traffic collision.

Sadly, these accidents keep happening for an array of reasons. For example, a careless driver may fail to notice that road work is present, and they may drive through a work zone at high speeds. Or, a driver may become aggressive because they are impatient while waiting to be allowed through, which could cause them to speed, pass other vehicles in a dangerous manner or even try to get around road blocks. Many of these accidents occur because a driver is distracted, driving under the influence, angry or simply careless. However, road workers who are involved in these collisions should immediately explore the legal options that might be available to them.

Sometimes, injured road workers are able to apply for workers’ comp benefits, and it may also be necessary to take legal action against a negligent driver. Our law office understands how difficult these collisions can be for road workers as well as their family members, and recovery should be a top priority.