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When is it time to modify your divorce settlement?

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2019 | family law

When you receive your final divorce settlement, it is not set in stone. Contrary to what some may think, your divorce decree can be changed or modified to reflect certain changes that may occur throughout your life. Life events may arise that could make it difficult for you to carry out the terms listed in your settlement. If this should occur, it is possible to petition the court to modify the settlement and revise the terms listed in your divorce decree.

There are different sections of your decree that you may wish to modify, such as your child support obligation or the child custody arrangement. These depend on the circumstances surrounding the situation. For example, the child support section of the divorce settlement may be changed if you have experienced any of the following has occurred:

  • Job loss

  • Diagnosis of medical condition

  • Incarceration

Furthermore, the child support order may be changed if your child has an increased need for on-going medical care. Child support modifications can be made every three years or if a significant change in a parent’s income causes an inability to continue making the current child support obligations.

A modification for child custody may be initiated if parents relocate or if one parent decides he or she can no longer uphold the arrangement made by the court. The change may involve a transfer from joint-custody to a sole-custody arrangement, or sole-custody to a joint-custody situation if a parent moves closer to the child.

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