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Intoxicated wrong-way driver causes crash

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | car accidents

A man in Illinois drove the wrong way down the road and caused a head-on crash. He has been arrested, and police say he was intoxicated at the time of the wreck.

That wreck happened on US 34 on Jan. 25. It took place at approximately 7:30 p.m., per reports. The police got a call about an eastbound vehicle driving against traffic in the westbound lanes. Before they could get to the location and stop the driver, he had caused a multi-car crash.

The man is 29 years old. Pictures show that he was injured, with visible injuries to his face. Reports say that he hit one car, injuring two people badly enough that they had to go to the hospital, then hit another car. The people in that car did not have their conditions reported.

Offenses against the alleged drunk driver include driving on a revoked license, resisting arrest, transporting alcohol illegally and driving without car insurance. Police booked him into the Warran County Jail and set his bond at $250,000. The man is from Galesburg, Illinois.

When you read about wrong-way accidents, you will quickly find that many of them happen because drivers are under the influence. This story helps to show just how dangerous that can be and how many people can get seriously injured in just a few seconds. It’s often impossible even for police to prevent an accident.

If you do get injured in a crash like this, or if a family member passes away, you need to know exactly what legal rights you have.