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What financial damages could you face after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2020 | Firm News

Driving to and from work every day may be a time that you actually enjoy. Your commute may be the part of your day when you have the most time to yourself, and you find it relaxing as you drive to work and mentally prepare for the day or as you drive home and shed the stress of the office. Of course, while you do your part to remain focused on the task of driving, you know all too well that other drivers do not and that a car accident could take place at any moment.

You certainly do not want to end up in this type of scenario, but because you do commute most days of the week, you know that you face the risk of another driver hitting your vehicle and causing you injuries. What could that mean for you and your family?

Financial difficulties after a crash

Though you have car insurance, and hopefully the other driver does as well, the payouts offered by insurance companies are often not enough to cover the financial damages that commonly result from crashes. Some of those hardships include the following:

  • Medical bills associated with receiving care for the injuries you suffered in the car accident and any additional therapy or treatment needed
  • Lost wages from having to miss work while you recover from those injuries or even while you do not have a vehicle to get to work
  • Expenses relating to repairing your vehicle or for purchasing a new vehicle in the event that the accident totaled yours
  • Legal fees stemming from working with an attorney to find the best options for seeking compensation for these and other damages from the accident

It is common for injured parties to seek legal recourse after a car accident caused by another driver. The financial hardships listed here are often factors that lead to the decision to pursue a personal injury claim. However, it may also be possible to seek compensation for other damages as well, such as pain and suffering.

How do you know your options?

In the event that you do suffer serious injuries as the result of a car crash, it is in your interests to gain reliable information about your legal options. An experienced Illinois attorney could help you determine whether you have grounds for a case and how to go about pursuing the much-needed monetary restitution you deserve.